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Heavy Rains in Zambia's Southern Province Threaten Infrastructure

Fidgeting with some papers in his hands, Henry Chawah is genuinely worried that Namwala district may be cut off from the rest of Southern Province any time.

Road communication between Namwala and Choma is under severe threat because five of the many bridges, which connect the two, districts may collapse any time due to the heavy rains and huge traffic the area is receiving.

Mr Chawah, the Namwala District Council secretary, knows the consequences of any of the five bridges which are in a vulnerable state collapsing because they are the link for the road to Choma which is the only reliable and essential medium of communication for Namwala residents.

The bridges have seen their days and with rains pounding the area heavily, any of the five bridges, some which are about 200 metres apart, may just give up and collapse at any time.

David Stanley

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