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ACPC and DRP in Rwanda


Rwanda is characterized by mountainous landscapes, which are recognized as particularly vulnerable ecosystems to climate change. Running along the country in a north-south axis there is a mountain chain that forms part of the divide between the Nile and Congo watersheds, two of Africa’s largest.


As a result, Rwanda is vulnerable to extreme weather that can trigger severe flash flooding and landslides.  One of the top priorities is the development of a water resources management system to help reduce these threats.


At the same time, ninety-percent of the population in Rwanda depends on subsistence agriculture, which is the sector that is most affected by the impacts of climate change. Each district of the country has different adaptation needs. It can include efforts to ease the impact of soil erosion, the growing of fruit trees, the conservation of river banks and the mixing of trees with selected crops to stop soil from washing away.


Other adaptative needs are irrigation projects for farmers and forest and land rejuvenation.


Developing Radio Partners, in partnership with the African Climate Policy Centre, has launched a 12-month project to help inform communities in Rwanda about what they can do to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.


DRP is working with two community-based radio station in the country to help bring greater awareness to communities about climate change vulnerabilities in order to empower them to adapt and mitigate these issues.


Our Partners:


Radio Huguka















Radio Ishingiro

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