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Seedlings is a new, 1-2 minute version of the radio program Seed to Grow, designed to be sprinkled into community radio broadcasts. Seedlings focuses on the impact of climate change and ideas for adaptation, with individual episodes tailored for audiences in Cameroon, Rwanda, Cape Verde, or Zambia.  Feel free to look at the Seedlings written for other countries -- you might find they are also applicable to your listeners!


Transcripts are posted here in English for anyone to use.  If you use a program and translate it into another language, please contact us so we can post your translation as a resource for others.

Rwanda Seedlings

Cameroon Seedlings

Cape Verde Seedlings


Zambia Seedlings

Group 1     Group 2     Group 3     Group 4
Group 1       Group 2      Group 3
Group 1     Group 2     Group 3
Group 1     Group 2     Group 3
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