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How To Secure The Global Food System In A Time Of Climate Change

Climate change could destabilize the global food system, but there are ways to keep that from happening, say Cargill and the other organizers of the global crisis simulation Food Chain Reaction in a new report.

Food Chain Reaction was held last November in Washington DC. The game was played by 65 international experts, who assumed the roles of nations, multilateral organizations and multinational business, and confronted a burgeoning food security crisis in the decade 2020-2030.

The players were divided in teams for Africa, Brazil, China, the European Union, the United States, multinational businesses and the international institutions. Their task: to figure out how they could cooperate to guide the world through a decade of mounting climate pressures and the resulting disruptions. There was no safety net. Through their actions, the participants could either get the world ready for an ever more apparent – and volatile – new normal, or drive it off a cliff.

Carol Moshier

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