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Women’s Role in Achieving a Food Secured Africa

The just ended year 2015 was the African Union’s Year of Women Empowerment. In post 2015, one thing is apparent – that Africa will not effectively achieve food security and poverty reduction unless the gender gap in economic opportunities is narrowed. Indeed the importance of women in development is well acknowledged in monumental high level policy decisions. The historic Paris Climate deal marked the first time a climate deal incorporated within its text, gender as a critical consideration when taking action to address climate change. “Women’s access to reliable markets,” also highlights the vital need to achieve gender parity to realize meaningful development. This is in sync with Africa’s own development blue-print, the AU Agenda 2063, which mentions gender parity no less than 35 times, and envisions full gender equality in all spheres of life by 2030.

Yosef Hadar / World Bank


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