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Ghana: Improving Forest Practices One Beehive at a Time

All over the world, deforestation and forest degradation are under the microscope because together they comprise the second greatest driver of climate change. If you focus on the country of Ghana, you’ll find one of the highest deforestation rates in Africa.

In fact, the country has lost nearly 90 percent of its original forests. The losses are due to a variety of factors including wood extraction and agricultural expansion. The remaining forests are home to forest elephants, Diana monkeys and many types of rare, endemic amphibians—and many rural communities that often struggle to support their families.

One activity, centered on beehive construction, is an example of how deforestation in Ghana can be lessened. Local carpenters were trained to build beehives providing livelihood opportunities for carpenters as well as for the farmers who will manage the hives. The hope is that farmers can eat the honey they produce or sell it at local markets for income.

Danny Perez


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