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Renewables supply 44% of Portugal’s power in 2017

Renewable energy generation accounted for 44% of Portugal’s energy mix in 2017, reducing the domestic electricity wholesale price by €18.3 ($22.32) per megawatt-hour (MWh), Kallanish Energy reports.

Data released by the Portuguese renewables association APREN last week showed the share of renewables of the country’s electricity generation portfolio resulted in the decline of fossil fuel imports worth €770 millio ($939.06 million), saving consumers roughly €727 million ($886.62 million).

Over 22 terawatt hours (TWh) were generated from renewable facilities, with wind taking the lead at 11.9 TWh; followed by hydro, 7.3 TWh; biomass, 2.8 TWh; and solar, 0.8 TWh. Carbon dioxide emssions were cut by 8.5 million metric tonnes, yet some believe the figure could be much larger.


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