Kadvi Hawa movie review: The dark, haunting tale of climate change, farmer suicides

Darkly humorous and searing, Kadvi Hawa is a film that will stay with you. The burden of loan on farmers, the shockingly high rate of them committing suicide to escape it all and parents who cannot even manage two square meals for their children -- the Nila Madhab Panda film is populated by people who live on the periphery of the world as we know it. The film lets them break out of the newspaper headlines -- rare as they are -- and enter our conscience. And once they do that, they refuse to leave.

Based in a Bundelkhand village where it hasn’t rained for 15 years, Kadvi Hawa is the story of a blind, old man (played by Sanjai Mishra), who lives in the fear of his son, Mukund (essayed by Bhupesh Singh) committing suicide in the face of back-breaking debt.


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