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Solid approach to waste: how 5 cities are beating pollution

When ministers, business chiefs and civil society leaders gather at the UN Environment Assembly in December, trash talk will be on the agenda.

Getting a grip on the mountains of solid waste produced by humanity is central to the Assembly’s goal of moving Earth “towards a pollution-free planet”. After all, poorly contaminated rubbish contaminates our air, water and soil, and represents a colossal waste of the planet’s finite resources.

Five of the 50 anti-pollution actions listed in a new UN Environment report relate directly to solid waste. One emphasizes that carefully crafted policies and regulation at the national level are vital to moving our economies onto a more sustainable track. But it is usually up to cities and towns to implement them on the ground. While many have yet to rise to the challenge, here are five cities with a solid approach to waste.

photo credit: JLaw45

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