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‘It’s a question of survival’: fighting climate change in one of the world’s poorest countries

Fighting climate change in one of the hottest and poorest countries in the world was never going to be easy.

But that’s exactly the task 20 year-old David Naibei, an environmental activist from Chad has taken on. His north-central African country has been ranked as the most vulnerable in the world to climate change, due to high poverty, frequent conflicts and constant risks of droughts and floods.

“The temperature can get up to 47C,” he tells Unearthed. “People are dying because of lack of water and terrible heat. It’s hard to work, it’s hard to imagine a future for young people.”

Naibei, who has addressed the UN on climate change, educates more than 2,500 children a year with Espaces Verts du Sahel, a Chadian NGO where he has worked for five years.

photo credit: World Bank Photo Collection

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