Kenya, Tanzania: Why saving Mara river basin is a matter of life and death

On September 15, Kenya and Tanzania celebrated the 6th Mara Day celebrations, with Tanzania's Environment minister January Makamba declaring that saving the Mara River basin from degradation is now a matter of "life and death."

Makamba, who represented Tanzania's Vice President Samia Hassan during the celebrations at Tarime grounds, said: "Conservation and protection of the Mara River Basin ecosystem is not a joking affair. It is a matter of life and death."

He said without Mara River, the survival of the world famous Serengeti National Park is threatened with extinction. Mara River flows from Mau Complex through two tributaries, Nyangores and Amala, which coalesce to form the Mara River.

"If we don't sustainably manage this resource, there will be no foreign exchange, agricultural activities will be affected throwing the country into economic ruin," Makamba said.



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