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Malawi: Supporting co-op development in the Warm Heart of Africa

The Co-operative College has been delivering co-op development work in Malawi for over five years, firstly through the Supporting Co-operatives in Malawi project (2012-2015) funded through the Scottish government, and now through the CEPEESM project (2015-2018).

CEPEESM (Co-operative Enterprise Pathways for Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Malawi) is run by the College to encourage younåçg people to see co-ops as a viable livelihood option. It also aims to empower women; promote environmentally sustainable agriculture; create awareness of renewable energy technologies; and help grow co-operative support organisations through strengthening the national apex body.

In August, Dr Amanda Benson and Dr Sarah Alldred from the UK’s Co-operative College visited Malawi, attending focus groups in the central and northern regions, and visiting co-ops to witness first hand the impact of the project.

Drawing on her experience of learning and agriculture, Dr Benson documented the trip in a series of blogs for the College.


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