More effort needed to curb malnutrition in Ghana

More efforts are needed, particularly by the government to curb the spate of malnutrition in Ghana and other parts of Africa, an international report has recommended.

The report launched on Monday by the Malabo Montpellier Panel notes that across Africa, the proportion of people who suffer from hunger dropped from 28% to 20% between 1990 and 2015 although the total number continues to increase due to a rapidly growing population.

The 36-page report titled: “Nourished: How Africa Can Build a Future Free from Hunger and Malnutrition,” that a number of African countries have made substantial progress in the fight against malnutrition but a lot of work needs to be done to defeat the problem. “Senegal, Ghana, and Rwanda have all reduced the number of undernourished people and wasted and stunted children by more than 50%,” it noted.



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