Sahara Forest Project makes sci-fi desert grown cucumbers a reality

As monster storms inundate coastal cities and rising temperatures parch farmlands and fan wildfires, farmers of the future will wish there was some formula to till dry sand.

A vision of plowed sand dunes sprouting edible greenery might seem like a snapshot from the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. But this week, Bellona’s Sahara Forest Project and the Norwegian government, helped bring a version of this sci-fi vision to the deserts of Jordan.

On Wednesday, Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon and Environment and Climate Minster Vidar Helgesen joined Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Bellona President Frederic Hauge to munch on cucumbers grown in the arid sands around Aqaba – a 30-degrees Jordanian port town that gets virtually no rain most of the year.

BBC World Service


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