Rural agricultural projects successful in Zambia

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is impressed by commitment and progress Zambia’s small-scale farmers are making to get out of poverty through agro projects.

IFAD is pleased that women are fully involved in the organisation’s quest to improve rural food security and nutrition. Over 61,000 smallholder farmers will benefit from a financial agreement signed last month between the IFAD and Zambia to increase the incomes and food and nutrition security of rural households.

IFAD president Gilbert Houngbo says he is happy with the projects in Zambia because these are improving the livelihoods of rural poor people and strengthening their food production systems.

“I am impressed to see the success of our projects in Zambia. I am happy with the number of female involvement in the empowerment projects and their degree of knowledge and awareness on climate change,” he said.

Meanwhile, the recently-signed financial agreement will go to projects that will promote market-oriented agriculture and focus particularly on women and young people.



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