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Opinion: Lamu coal power plant would be a mistake for Kenya

Nations worldwide recognise coal to be an expensive and polluting way to generate energy. Despite growing support for alternative, cleaner sources of power such as wind, solar, and natural gas, Kenya intends to build a coal-fired power plant on its acclaimed Unesco world heritage site, Lamu.

The distinctive Lamu Island is an original 700-year-old a place with unique historical significance, revered for its untouched natural landscape.

Since the 13th century, this town has preserved its authentic traditions and retained its prestigious status. Today, the Lamu community find their home threatened by a short-sighted, unnecessary coal-fired power plant, proposed to be built here by Amu Power.

The distinguished Lamu Island is home to a community of activists fiercely contesting the approval of a proposed coal project that threatens to forever alter their health, heritage, environment and marine system of their homeland.


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