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The rise of organic rooftop farming

Can we create a critical mass of rooftop organic vegetable farming in sprawling Kathmandu, thus reducing our reliance on pesticides laced vegetables? Urban planners and experts are of the view that we certainly can create green jobs for youth in the valley by promoting sustainable organic vegetable farming.

My curiosity on this subject incited me to talk to a few people who have been engaged rooftop organic vegetable and herb farming. Dilip Pokharel, a retired banker, has been growing seasonal vegetables in a 120sq ft area on his rooftop terrace for about a decade now.

Pokharel uses mustard oil residue cakes and kitchen waste as compost, with Neem oil as the main pest control measure. He spends about 40-60 minutes daily, watering and tending to these plants. Each season, the total investment required is only around $60 and the associated benefits are unparalleled.

International Sustainable Solutions

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