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How Small Farmers can Deal with Climate Change

The dwindling agrarian and small farming communities around the world have certainly not had it easy during the last 50 years or so. The lure of urban life and salaried jobs along with the increasing corporatization of agriculture across the world which essentially made small, family farms unprofitable are just two of the many factors that have contributed to the vanishing of many small communities.

At the same time, small, rural places also are a reservoir of wisdom and knowledge held by people and communities who have resisted the onslaught of globalization, the homogenization of culture, and the imposition of Western norms and standards. When it comes to finding ways to confront the myriad of crises that our current civilization has created, most of us look to scientists, business gurus, and political leaders to offers solutions that will help us find a way out of the problems that are mounting. However, communities and individuals who have maintained a faithfulness to traditional livelihoods also have important insights into how we can live more sustainably and respond to the predicaments that have come with industrialized life.


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