Some in Kenya Point to a Recent Hailstorm as a Sign of Climate Change

As world leaders made travel arrangements to meet for the annual 2017 G20 summit which took place July 7 and 8 in Hamburg Germany, signs of one of the major topics of discussion at the summit, climate change, was being felt in East Africa.

Residents of a town lying on the equator in Kenya experienced a strange phenomenon: a hailstorm. The white frozen stuff became the subject of heated debate by Kenyans on social media on July 4, as pictures of what appeared to be snow started appearing online having been taken and posted by residents of Nyahururu town in Laikipia County located in Kenya’s Rift Valley region.

Kenya, specifically Laikipia County where the hailstorm was witnessed, lies on the Equator and such an occurrence has never been witnessed in modern memory. The only place in Kenya where such extreme temperatures are seen is on Mount Kenya, East Africa’s second highest mountain after the famous Kilimanjaro in neighboring Tanzania.

Danny Ayers


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