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Zambia: Transforming agriculture potential into reality

WORLD Bank Africa Group one executive director Andrew Bvumbe has urged Zambia to transform its agriculture potential into reality by placing emphasis on the promotion of agro-value chains.

And Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya says Government is modernising agriculture and will not allow people to settle in farm blocks without adequate infrastructure such as roads, water and electricity.

Speaking during the meeting with Ms Siliya at her office last Thursday, Mr Bvumbe said the bank is committed to support Zambia in its economic diversification agenda.

“We have seen potential, so let us make agriculture a reality through various interventions. The World Bank stands ready to provide comprehensive irrigation support to counteract the impact of climate change.

“Economic transformation through agriculture should be placed on value chains beyond food, for example, with cassava, value chains should involve production of starch, ethanol and other by-products,” he said.


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