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UNDP Ramps Up Support for National Adaptation Plans

Efforts are underway worldwide to create improved planning for climate change. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), along with its partners, is playing a key role in advancing the process to formulate and implement effective National Adaptation Plans and build comprehensive roadmaps toward a climate-resilient, zero-carbon future.

These efforts will fortify nations against uncertain climate outcomes, rising temperatures, rising seas, desertification, climate migration and other climate change-related impacts that can derail national efforts to support long-term equality, security, economic growth, food security, disaster risk reduction, carbon mitigation and prosperity.

“With the support of UNDP, nations across the globe are strengthening their technical capacity and building the strong institutions required to effectively formulate and deploy National Adaptation Plans and reach Nationally Determined Contributions, critical prerequisites for sustainable development,” said Adriana Dinu, Executive Coordinator, UNDP's Global Environmental Finance Unit.

Neil Palmer/CIAT/CIFOR

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