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Cycle tour of Kenya promotes clean energy democracy

As the Kenyan election campaign gains momentum, so does a group of cyclists promoting access to renewable energy.

Ten professional cyclists and 10 other clean energy advocates are touring 10 of the 47 Kenyan counties from 12 June to 2 July, encouraging voters to demand access to clean energy.

The cycling caravan is part of Christian Aid’s “Big Shift” campaign, which calls for investment to be diverted from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Kenya Youth Climate Network (KYCN), Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA) and the Africa Coalition for Sustainable Energy are also involved.

According to George Mwangala, Christian Aid’s Big Shift campaign assistant, the cycling caravan is lobbying election candidates for clean energy policies. Before they got involved, he told Climate Home, political parties were only talking about access to energy and ignoring renewables.

Arne Hoel/The World Bank

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