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Army worms attack Irrigation Farming in Zomba, Malawi

Irrigation farmers in Zomba have expressed concern over the attack of Fall Army worms on their crops affecting approximately 143 hectares of land.

Malawi News Agency’s (MANA) random survey in four Extension Planning Areas (EPAs) of Malosa, Chingale, Thondwe and Masaula revealed that farmers are uprooting their maize just weeks after germination because of the worms.

MANA also established that some farmers are now vying for beans farming instead of maize as planned because of the pest.

According to one of the farmers from Mikundi Irrigation Scheme in Chingale EPA Dorica Mwalanga, this year’s maize irrigation farming has completely been affected by the Fall Army worms and farmers will not harvest any maize this season.

FAO/Lesotho/Lechoko Noko

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