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Fighting climate change, one meal at a time

The kitchen has always been the most important part of the house for us – it is where we played as brothers growing up in Girona, Spain, where we did our homework as our mother prepared her lamb and tomato stews, and where we first discovered our love of food and cooking. These days, it is a place where we combine our passion, family, and work as we run our restaurant together.

The kitchen is also the perfect starting point for making more than meals – it’s a place where we truly believe everyone can make a difference. By making informed food choices, using sustainable cooking methods and reducing food waste, each of us can ensure that as we nourish our bodies, we are also nurturing our planet. We are what we eat.

So in November, as the world came together with the historic Paris Agreement, we thought about what we could do to honor this commitment to our planet from the place we know best - the kitchen. Recognizing that how we cook affects our world, we teamed up with the Sustainable Development Goals Fund to launch a humble campaign based on a simple premise that each one of us can help tackle climate change, right from the kitchen. We invited people to prepare meals using sustainable cooking challenges. More than 200 people from 20 countries shared their recipes. They gave us great ideas – and they gave us hope.


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