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Green Building Council of South Africa announces 250th green building certification in Africa

Streetlight Schools’ Jeppe Park Primary achieved a 4 Star Green Star SA Interiors v1 certification earlier this month, marking this the 250th certification on African soil. It also happened to be the first school to achieve a Green Star rating in Africa.

These 250 certifications will go a long way towards the reduction of carbon emissions, as well as water and energy savings. A total of just under 3.8 million square metres, these green buildings will save an approximate 450 million kilograms of CO2 per year; 380 million kilowatt hours of energy per annum; and 350 million litres of drinking water annually.

Put into perspective, these buildings are roughly the size of 540 rugby fields and their sustainability credentials save enough energy to power an equivalent of approximately 26 000 households for an entire year every year and provide the daily drinking water needs every year for just under 500 000 people, while their carbon emissions savings are the equivalent of taking 113 000 cars off the road every year.

Robert Holmes

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