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Africa Is Tackling the Threat of Global Warming One Tree At a Time

Global climate change is at Africa's door step. As we celebrate World Environment Day today, what can we do to assuage its effects, questions Jung Hyun Park, Vice President and Managing Director of Samsung Electronics East Africa.

From the US to Thailand, the Caribbean and Kenya, this past month alone has seen countries across the world hit by devastating encounters with flooding.

As we witness these terrible events unfold, a question lingers at the back of our minds: Are we starting to see the more sinister effects of global warming at play?

Undoubtedly the wrath of global warming is expected to take its toll over the coming years, with the threat of everything from flooding to drought, the spread of disease and even lack of drinking water looming. According to National Geographic, the global average surface temperature has already increased between 0.6 and 0.9 degrees Celsius since 1906. As a result, ice across the world is melting.

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