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Ugandan Minister Directs Districts to Plant Trees

The State Minister for Water and Environment, Ms Mary Goretti Kitutu, has directed officials from the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) to supply Teso sub-region with 100, 000 trees and immediately supervise their distribution and planting in a bid to promote reforestation.

The minister said this would create more effective environment and natural resources' management at local government level.

Speaking during a dialogue with district leaders from Teso sub region on Monday, Ms Kitutu noted that if all the leaders in Teso advocated for tree planting and stopped degrading wetlands, there would be no water crisis for food production now affected by climate change.

"I was very much perturbed by the pictures l saw recently playing on NTV of people eating termites. Teso sub-region that used to be the food basket turning to termites is regrettable even when the region has well positioned leaders in various government ministries, who can lobby for good services," she said.

FAO/Matthias Mugisha

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