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Aquaculture to Ensure Food Self Sufficiency

Zegeye Tsige together with his six children resides in Agotu Anema Kebele, Wondo Woreda, Oromia State. Besides engaging in subsistence farming, he has now been engaged in fish husbandry in which he has been scoring significant achievements.

Before involving himself into the sector, he sought professional advice and went to woreda agriculture and Wondo Genet College offices where he was advised to take training concerning the issue.

Then, a year ago, a given NGO working in the area brought him fingerlings from Sebeta, Addis Ababa area. And he started breeding with 200 fingerlings. Apart from fulfilling his families' daily consumption, he is preparing himself to supply fish for the market. "If somebody asks me to buy fingerlings, I am prompt enough. Now, the pool has been filled with fishes, approximately 5,000 fishes are found in the pool. I also use the water to plant vegetables for my kitchen garden," he said.

Using the professional advice, he became productive. Market linkage is not bothering him as it is already available. "I can supply fishes to the college community. I want to expand the production work and I have been setting up another pool for further production."


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