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Database Explores Extinction Threat Of Rare Tree Species

A recent survey report uncovers 9,600 tree species that are standing on the verge of extinction. The report is prepared as a part of the first world database of trees.

A current global survey by the Botanic Gardens Conservation International group or BGCI identified the existence of 60,065 tree species. This is the first time that such huge database of trees is prepared from 500 hundred published sources, according to the The London-based organization BGCI itself represents almost 2,500 botanic gardens.

The survey report indicates Brazil as the number one state with best diverse tree population that includes 8,715 tree species. This Latin country is also the sole habitat of the rare 4,333 species, which means that they don't exist in other parts of the world. The new database explores that 58 percent of the total number of trees belong to the "single country endemics."

Among them, 2,991 tree species exist in Madagascar, and Australia shelters 2,584 species. The numbers clearly indicate that the survey report of the BGCI includes a truly large database. Apart from Brazil, another Latin country that acquires the second position with a diverse population of trees is Colombia.

Francesco Scaglioni

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