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Training Begins for Project on Small Scale Irrigation in West and Central Africa

The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO)in collaboration with IFAD Tuesday started a training for the National Inception of the National phase of the IFAD funded and FAO implemented project (Adapting Small-scale irrigation to Climate Change in West and Central Africa ).

The project has a total budget of US$1.51M, and the regional phase covered eight countries.

Speaking on behalf of the Food and Agricultural Organization at the occasion, Sirra Njai Sanyang stated that in The Gambia the project targets IFAD intervention sites within the lowland agro-ecology in two regions; North Bank Region, and Central River Region, focusing on water retention and tidal irrigation schemes with a view to access their vulnerability and resilience to climate change and determine adaptation needs.

She noted that climate variability endangers livelihood, wellbeing and socio-economic factors needed for coping with threats to environment and human systems that sustains farming systems.

Ollivier Girard/CIFOR

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