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Uganda's Erratic Weather

On Jan. 17, the weather was extremely hot in Kampala. Godfrey Mujuni, the manager of the Data Centre at the Uganda National Meteorological Authority, says thermometer readings indicated it was 34.0ᵒC which is about six degrees higher than the normal average of 28ᵒC.

Yet Kampala was not the hottest place in Uganda that day, according to Mujuni. That honour belonged to the West Nile district of Nebbi which was 39.2ᵒC hot.

In the northern town of Gulu, Francisca Atto, the District Environment Officer told The Independent on Jan.27 that even though she might not know what the actual thermometer reading was, "Gulu has been unusually hot this January".

In the central Uganda district of Nakasongola, James Bond Kunobere, the district's Senior Environment Officer also told The Independent that although it is always dry around this time of the year, the weather seems to have moved fast into the 'extremes.'


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