Ghanaian 'Greenhouse Revolution' Attracting Youth into Agriculture

It’s a large tract of land dotted with swathes of green rice fields and heavy with weeds. A long dusty, snaky road split the fields but it is vehicle-friendly.

But in the belly of the wild and rice fields, greenhouses are springing up—the Dahwenya Irrigation Greenhouse Enclave where 100-hectares have been dedicated to lead the country’s greenhouse revolution.

This is where the Youth Enterprise Support (YES) is hopeful locally grown vegetables will be cultivated which will be showing up on the plates of residents of Accra more often from this year, as it begins a ground-breaking greenhouse project.

It is also where the Chief Executive of YES, Mrs Helga Boadi, is optimistic more young people would be trained to lead greenhouse vegetable production in Ghana.

Among the vegetables to be cultivated are different varieties of cucumbers, melons, tomatoes and capsicum (sweet pepper).

The state start-up financier is establishing the 75-unit greenhouse agriculture estate as an incubator to train young people and a hub for vegetable production to feed Accra, where urban agriculture is a drop in the ocean.

Fintrac Inc/USAID


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