Kenya to Build 40 Mega-Dams to Mitigate Drought

The national government will soon build 40 mega dams across the country in a long-term plan to mitigate drought, Water CS Eugene Wamalwa has said.

“Irrigation is the only solution to drought,” he said. Wamalwa spoke in Langobaya yesterday during the second day of his Coast tour.

There are only 27 dams in Kenya. Wamalwa said the state will supply water pumps to farmers for small irrigation projects.

One dam will be built built at the one-million acre food security project at Galana Kulalu to irrigate 500,000 acres.Construction will begin before the end of the year after completion of a 10,000-acre test farm. Irrigation will begin before year’s end.

“We must invest in water harvesting to ensure food production throughout the year,’’ Wamalwa said, especially during the long rains.

Matt Berlin


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