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Opinion: Adaptive Measures Like Greenhouses and Irrigation Necessary

News that last season's depressed rains took a toll on overall food production in the country's food basket regions is worrying.

It portends a situation, which analysts have warned, where we will experience a dip in even food availability in days to come with the ripple effect of a jump in prices. Yet this is the sad reality we need to start warming ourselves to. Already, the weatherman has sounded a warning that 2017 is going to be one of the driest years with intermittent rainfall. To the over 70 per cent of smallholder farmers, majority who still rely on rainfall for food production, this is shattering.

But it is even a great cause for concern in a country that already has about two million hungry people. With scientists predicting even harsher conditions, one can only picture scorched barren farms with stunted crops. Or we could look beyond the reality of nature and choose to get smart with the times.

Dominic Chavez/World Bank

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