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Fodder Planting Aims to Stop Resource Conflict

Most days Kenyan teenager Andrew Taimoi leaves his village on the Ugandan border before dawn and takes his family's livestock in search of food and water, risking his life on the way.

More frequent and longer droughts in Kenya's dryland areas have increased competition for resources between the different tribes of West Pokot County, western Kenya, and easier access to guns is increasingly turning these battles deadly.

For with its proximity to South Sudan, which has been plagued by three years of civil war, West Pokot has seen an infiltration of illegal guns over Kenya's borders that are largely uncontrolled bar a few checkpoints.

Last year 92 people died in a single cattle raid in West Pokot, Turkana and Samburu counties, according to local media, but for Taimoi and his family there is little choice.


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