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Ngoma, Rwanda, Invests in $13m Irrigation Project

Farmers in Ngoma district will not worry anymore about when to plant crops and harvesting. The region has found a solution to decades of prolonged droughts.

A $13 million hillside-irrigation facility currently undergoing installation is expected to be fully operational in the next four months. Installation is conducted by KONOIKE a Japanese company.

Today, officials led by Fulgence Nsengiyumva, the state minister in Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) toured the project where technicians are in final phase of installation works.

The irrigation project will cover 300 hectares of which 265ha are uphill in Rurenge and Remera sectors. About 4,700 residents are already employed under the project.

“Our farmers have only been harvesting during rainy season. This project has come in the right time because farming will continue despite the seasons,” said Ndayambaje Vicent, Mayor of Ngoma district.

Rwanda Government

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