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Ethiopia Working to Extract Irrigation Potential from Great Resources

Paradoxically with the name 'the water tower of Africa', Ethiopia had been for centuries predominantly rely on rain-fed agricultural practices through traditional mode of production.

In fact, the country is endowed with tremendous water bodies ranging from long rivers up to many small tributaries, besides the regular rain in summer season.

However, the development of irrigation sector had been rated at imminent level as compared to other sectors in the country's most recent fast and green development trajectory as well.

According to the Ministry of Farming and Natural Resources, the government prioritizes agricultural development as a key to accelerate growth, overcome poverty and ensure food security. To this end, the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-II) aims at maintaining at least 8 per cent annual growth to achieve the natural ambition of eradicating food and nutrition insecurity on the short run and reaching middle income country by 2025. The irrigation sector is set to contribute its share for the national ambition of moving towards middle income status.


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