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Rwanda to Plant 23m Trees in a Year

Rwanda has launched a campaign to plant more than 23 million of trees in a year to guard the country against climate change.

The campaign dubbed “Forests, the Source of Clean Air” will see trees planted on most degraded lands and continue to improve existing forests across the country.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Rwandan minister of natural resources Vincent Biruta said increased forest coverage will boost Rwanda efforts to fight climate change.

“Planting as more trees as we can is the best way to manage climate change issues the world is facing. Restoration of forests holds the potential to shield us from the dangers of climate change,” he said.

Rwanda aims for a forest coverage of 30 percent by 2018, a goal that is likely to be achieved earlier as the current forest coverage stands at 29.6 percent, according to the ministry of natural resources.

Garrett Ziegler

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