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Methane Being Extracted From Lake Kivu

There are many different ways to harvest renewable energy, and things are looking very promising for Rwanda. By harvesting methane from Lake Kivu, scientists have discovered a new way to provide energy to a country in dire need of new solutions–quite an intriguing breakthrough, but one not without risks.

It is rather interesting to learn that this hidden source of renewable energy sits below the water of Lake Kivu. Although methane gas may not be the most common solution for electricity needs, it is quite a potent solution. Unfortunately, it has a big risk factor, as the gases can poison human beings. In Rwanda that means two million lives are at stake.

Methane gas is usually created by volcanoes, of which there are plenty spread out all over the globe. In some cases nearby lakes have rich deposits of methane gas, which piques the interest of scientists. Since Lake Kivu is a lot deeper than the average lake, the methane gas is not dispersing into the atmosphere.

Johnny Peacock

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