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How to Save Water Amid South African Restrictions

Business owners in South Africa can play an important part in conserving water resources while reducing their utility bills by embracing water efficiency as a way of life. In doing so, they can play a valuable role in assisting the country to manage the effects of a prolonged drought.

That’s according to Anton van Heerden, Executive Vice-President Africa and Middle East at Sage, who says the challenge is for small businesses that depend heavily on water to produce goods or deliver services – for example, gyms, laundromats, agribusinesses, restaurants, hair dressers, car washes, the hospitality sector and many factories.

The current drought is the worst that South Africa has experienced in decades, and it has already had a severe impact on jobs in agriculture and food manufacturing. Earlier this year, Stats SA reported that the drought last summer saw jobs in agriculture decline by 37,000. At the same time, food prices are rising, because of poor rainfall.

Laura Nawrocik

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