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Sierra Leone's ‘Shout Climate Change Africa’ Campaign

With support from the National Revenue Authority (NRA), the Shout Climate Change Africa is embarking on a sensitization campaign to raise awareness on climate change issues including re-forestation.

The main thrust of the campaign involves highlighting the correlation between waste dump and flooding to curb indiscriminate waste disposal in the city. It could be recalled that in mid-September 2015, massive floods caused by torrential rains ravaged Freetown leaving many people dead and homes uninhabitable. People living in slum communities were particularly affected with more than 3,000 displaced.

Flooding is largely an environmental hazard caused by climate change and driven by human action such as waste dumping in drainages and deforestation. We believe that factors contributing to flooding especially common human activities must be raised and addressed since flooding limits the ability of poor people to improve on their quality of life. It was against this backdrop that Shout Climate Change Africa produced a documentary depicting the hazards of environmental neglect for the attention of various stakeholders including the NRA.


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