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Climate Pollutants Causing Huge Damage to Liberians' Health

On June 19 this year, two men—Varnie Sarjue and Jusue Vannie - spent the night in the office of GMT Fishery in the Bong Mines Bridge community outside Monrovia.

Both men were guarding the company’s properties, and on that fateful night Sarjue brought with him his girlfriend, Garmeh Howard. They put on a generator, took it indoors with them and locked the doors. They would never wake up again.

The next morning when the owners of the fishery came they could not open the door so they called the Police. By then a crowd had piled up before the roadside building, including residents of the New Kru Town community, where the two men lived.

When the door was finally broken open, onlookers beheld were awed by the sight of three of them. Vannie had already died, while Sarjue and Howard died later at the Redemption Hospital. They were victims of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Damon Jah

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