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Tanzania's Irrigation Projects Get Cash Boost

Speaking during a live broadcast programme aired by Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) on Friday, Mr Lwenge said the commission was given strategies to ensure that by the year 2020 irrigation in the country will have changed.

"It is true that 80 per cent of the population depends on rainfed agriculture which is seasonal. So the government must seek alternatives and that is why we formed a commission that is keen on improving irrigation schemes in the country," said Mr Lwenge.

He said the commission has been given instructions that have to be implemented within five years and some of its functions include developing, construction of irrigation infrastructure and ensuring proper and sustainable irrigation systems.

He said that Tanzania has 29 million hectares of land that is suitable for irrigation but so far 460,000 hectares only have been used. This is a minor one per cent of all land.

Scott Wallace/World Bank

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