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Land Titles in Tanzania Helping Security, Resource Use

Katrina Hhaynihhi and her husband Simon could not be more proud of the piece of paper held tightly in their hands: a title deed which not only proves they are sole owners of their land but also ends a simmering dispute with their neighbours.

The couple are crop farmers and eke out a living on a small holding growing beans and maize in Tanzania's northern Mbulu district.

For years they battled a neighbour who insisted on grazing his animals onto their land: "This document means a lot to us. Our land is now secured and we do not expect any conflicts with our neighbours," said Katrina.

The title which has brought peace to the Hhaynihhi family is known as a Certificate of Customary Right of Occupancy (CCRO) document.

"There used to be lots of disagreements around grazing and the (herders) use of forests and water sources. Those issues have been solved," the mother of six told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


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