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Many Environmentalists Turning to Low Carbon Footprint Commune-Style Villages

When a massive wildfire destroyed more than a thousand homes last year in the bone-dry hills of drought-stricken Lake County, California, about two hours north of San Francisco, Magdalena Valderrama Hurwitz and her husband, Eliot Hurwitz, were among those made homeless. Eager to transform their tragedy into an opportunity, they got together with a group of neighbors who had also lost their homes and began imagining a different kind of community.

Valderrama Hurwitz, a former non-profit administrator, and her husband, a retired strategic planner with the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency, didn’t want to replace their house with an oversized energy guzzler, isolated from their neighbors. Instead, they began exploring ways to create a so-called intentional community: a neighborhood that could better protect them from climate change-related risks and be a model for how to live with less impact on the planet.

Mik Scheper

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