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Project Enhancing Coastal Resilience in Gambia

The National Assembly Select Committee on Environment (NASCE) in a joint nationwide tour with the National Environment Agency (NEA) recently visited the UNDP/GEF Coastal Resilience project dubbed “enhancing resilience of vulnerable coastal areas and communities to climate change” at Illiasa in the North Bank Region (NBR).

The project, which is at its infant stages, is designed to serve multipurpose in horticultural production and rice cultivation alternatively. The project is built with a fence tipped to have last for 50 years. It includes two boreholes and 32 reservoirs targeting over 150 women within the community.

Implemented by the NEA, the alternative livelihood component of this project seeks to ease climate stress in the community after their farmlands and rice fields were affected by the phenomenon of climate change and excessive salt instruction. The salt intrusion as a result of climate change continued to affect the livelihood of this community making it vulnerable to food insecurity.

David Thomas

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