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New Robot Can See Crop Death Before Farmers

By the time a farmer knows their crops are dying, it's often too late. Caterpillars or viruses have preyed on their tomato and spinach plants. And the crops are gone.

A new robotic system, called Prospera, aims to save these plants. Using a network of cameras and sensors, it immediately detects invaders and knows when crops are sick. It then alerts and tells farmers exactly why through an app.

"The entire agriculture industry itself is due for an evolution," Prospera CEO Daniel Koppel tells Tech Insider. "Farmers who are accustomed to making decisions based on instinct will be able to look to data, and deliver the freshest produce to the grocery store every harvest."

The sensors collect hundreds of thousands of data points about plants' health. These include issues with pests, diseases, nutrients, irrigation, and climate.


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