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Video: Gender Dynamics Play Crucial Role in Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Conflict Resolu

It used to be a luxury to talk about the environment when you were addressing conflict. Today, “we recognize it’s not a luxury anymore,” said Liz Hume, senior director for programs at the Alliance for Peacebuilding, at the Wilson Center on April 29. Similarly, gender dynamics are now being recognized as playing a critical role in sustainable development and peacebuilding.

“When people’s livelihoods, when their access to exercising political voice, when their…access to social services, employment, and their basic ability to live on their land is taken away, you create a vacuum in which you can have extremists come and exploit that sense of insecurity,” said Mayesha Alam, assistant director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security. “And always it is the women’s rights that are trampled on first.”

Women also face higher levels of vulnerability to climate change than men. “Climate change worsens the cycle of poverty and vulnerability for women and girls,” said Alam, but “they are also agents with important perspectives and indigenous knowledge, which can inform and influence solutions to address these issues. In many communities…women are already having to adapt their lives to survive and to care for their dependents.”

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade/Kate Holt/Africa Practice


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