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Partnership Providing Solar Power to Nigeria

The solar power narrative here is quite peculiar – it is reportedly expensive, uneconomical, elitist and unsustainable. How true are these?

We found this narrative prevalent upon starting out which is why Solar Nigeria is pioneering a new way of developing the market for off-grid solar power in Nigeria. Previous Nigerian solar programmes, though initially successful, succumbed to solar systems breaking down without succeeding in creating a sustainable market for solar power.

Solar Nigeria seeks to address the challenges that previous solar programmes in Nigeria have failed to overcome. Through interventions in the social sector, commercial sector and small systems for households, Solar Nigeria aims to strengthen the solar power value chain and create a sustainable public and private market. Through doing this, it will provide access to solar power for 2.8 million people whilst cutting three million tonnes of Co2e emissions, equivalent to the annual Co2e emissions of the entire Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Jeremy Weate


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