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Greenpeace Uncover Illegal Logging in Cameroon

A trail of stolen timber in Cameroon has been exposed by Greenpeace Africa. Greenpeace Africa led an investigation into illegal logging in the country and found a trial leading to main log exporter Compagnie et de Transport (CCT). There will now reportedly be a government audit into the actions of CCT, including its suppliers.

That audit should include the supplier La Socamba, subject of a Greenpeace briefing released today. The evidence presented in the briefing, La Socamba: How Cameroon’s Stolen Wood Reaches International Markets, demonstrates how CCT, which supplies timber companies worldwide, including in China and Europe, sources timber from La Socamba.

La Socamba is a company engaged in illegal and destructive practices, including logging several kilometres outside their legal logging title. This new case complements evidence already presented by Greenpeace in its reports on CCT suppliers.


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